About Trust Fund

The ‘Dr. H. K. Upadhyaya Trust Fund’

CEAPRED operates a small Trust Fund established in 1998. The Fund derives the name of Founder-Chairperson, Dr Hari Krishna Upadhyaya, who first made a personal contribution of US$3,000 (then equivalent to NRs. 150,000) towards CEAPRED’s institutional development. Subsequently, the Executive Board decided to establish the “Dr. H. K. Upadhyaya Trust Fund” with this initial contribution. Over the years, various individuals, including the chairperson and members of the Executive Board, CEAPRED employee and other persons, have contributed to the fund. Currently the fund amounts to NRs. 3,462,818.

The Fund is currently managed by the Executive Board of CEAPRED. But as the Fund grows in size, its management shall be made more broad-based and external with CEAPRED acting as only one of the members of the Fund’s Governing/Management Board.

At present, the interest against the Fund are being used mainly for the benefit of the most deprived rural communities in the form of scholarships to their young school-going children and small complementary contributions towards functional literacy and income generating programs for women members of such communities.