Fresh Semen Collection for AI Initiated

Artificial Insemination (AI) in pigs using fresh semen from Boar is a new and innovative approach for Nepal. Recently, fresh semen collection has been initiated at Livestock farm, Pokhara in Kaski under SAMARTH-NMDP-Pig subsector Project implemented by CEAPRED. Two young boars are being trained for semen collection under the leadership of Mr. Dan Bahadur Singh (Technical Coordinator, CEAPRED) with assistance from the staff of pig and poultry unit of the farm. Two boars have already been trained for semen collection, while semen processing will be carried out after evaluation at National Livestock Breeding Centre (NLBC), which is modestly equipped and staffed.

             Boar  training for semen collection                                                                      Collected semen from Boar