Interaction Workshop and Technical Training of Agro-vets/Agri-cooperatives and Local Technical Assistants (LTAs) organized at CEAPRED Head office

Nepal Seed and Fertilizer Project (NSAFP)-vegetable subsector organized a  one day interaction workshop of Agro-vets/Agri-cooperatives along with a two days Local Technical Assistants(LTAs) training at CEAPRED Head office from 8th- 10th May 2018. A total of 12 participants (Agro-vet-5; Agri-cooperatives-1 and LTAs- 6) participated in the interaction workshop and 13 participants (Agro-vet-5; Agri-cooperatives-1 and LTAs- 6 and Agriculture Technician -1) were present in the technical training. The agro-vets/agri-cooperatives and LTAs came from 6 project districts - Baitadi, Dang, Rukum West, Palpa, Nuwakot, and Sindhupalchowk respectively

The objectives of the interaction workshop was to acquaint the participants about the modality of the implementation of NSAFP vegetable sub-sector ,explain them about the various program activities, technical and financial norms, orient them towards social mobilization aspect  and  to familiarize them about different formats used during the implementation of program activities, monitoring and reporting.

Similarly the objectives of the technical training was to impart technical knowledge and skills to the participants on improved production and post harvest technology of cauliflower, tomato and onion towards fresh vegetable production and seed production. Methodologies used in the trainings were class room lecture, discussion and practical training for field lay-out. Moreover, a field visit to Horticulture Research Division, Khumaltar was also done in order to have a  face to face discussion with the scientists involved in the field research activities.  Resource person for the interaction workshop were from CEAPRED, CIMMYT, and CEAPRED- Foundation. Likewise,  the same group of resource person were contacted for the technical training along with an added group of scientists from Horticulture Research Division (HRD), NARC, Khumaltar.