National Stakeholder Workshop on Seed Vision Implementation, Challenges and Solution held

A national stakeholder workshop on “Seed Vision Implementation, Challenges and Solution” was organized jointly by Seed Quality Control Center (SQCC) of Ministry of Agricultural Development (MoAD) and Vegetable Seed Project (VSP) of CEAPRED on the 14th of August, 2014 at Yak Palace, Pulchowk, Lalitpur. The objectives of the workshop were to draw lessons, and to identify good practices, existing gaps, challenges, constraints and opportunities for seed sector development with focus on research/breeding, demand based seed production, marketing, sustainably, ways and means to strengthen roles of private and civil society (NGOs) sectors with a common understanding on the implementation of seed vision 2013-2025 and to recommend feasible and doable strategies for vegetable variety development/maintenance, source seed production, parental line development and hybrid seed production in partnership with concerned stakeholders. The opening session was chaired by Dr. Hari Krishna Upadhyaya, Chairperson of CEAPRED. Mr. Dharma Dutta Baral, Chief, SQCC, welcomed all the participants of the workshop. Mr. Tej Bdr. Subedi, DDG/DOA; Dr. Dil Bdr. Gurung, ED/NARC delivered their remarks. The Chairperson Dr. Upadhyaya highlighted that Seed Vision 2025 is a milestone for the promotion of seed sector and its development though implementation will remain a challenge. He shared CEAPRED’s experience in seed sector development. He stressed the need of collective effort by all concerned stakeholders and the critical role of the key stakeholders for the development of this sector.

In the presentation session, Mr. Dharma Dutta Baral and Mr. Mahendra Khanal of SQCC presented the highlights of National Seed Vision 2013-2025 and the roles and resource requirements of SQCC, DoA and VDD for its implementation. Likewise, Dr. Yuba Raj Pandey, Chief, HRD/NARC, made a presentation on the role of NARC, and challenges/solution on seed vision implementation from NARC’s perspectives. Mr. Durga Adhikari, General Secretary, SEAN, presented the roles of private sector, challenges/solution on seed vision implementation. Finally, Mr. Indra Raj Pandey, Team Leader, VSP, shared learning from VSP and also categorically explained the role of civil society (NGOs) in seed sector development. Participants of the workshop raised queries and provided their valuable suggestions and comments related to the presentations made. Executive Director of CEAPRED, Mr. Bharat Prasad Upadhyay, delivered vote of thanks on behalf of the organizers to the guests and participants.