Our Strategy

The poor are often unorganized and do not possess the capacity, skills and confidence to benefit from the project as much as the non-poor. The poor would need to be mobilized, capacitated and organized in order to realize and sustain the expected positive impacts of the project. In order to address this issue, CEAPRED adopts a three-pronged program strategy consisting of (i) social mobilization (ii) capacity development, and (iii) local institution building.

Social mobilization helps generate confidence and collective strength among the poor to identify their development problems, potentials and priorities, and this sets the ground for planning and implementing the project activities as part of their development priorities. The second element – capacity development – is about raising their skills and capacities to actually implement those priorities. Finally, the third element – local institution building – will help establish their organization at the local level through which they can sustain and up – scale, the project activities and impacts after the external support is phased out.