Social Welfare Council (SWC) monitored the CEAPRED-SAMARTH-Pig Sector Project Activities

The Social Welfare Council (SWC) team led by Mr. Netra Prasad Osti and team members Dr. Pradeep Chandra Bhattarai, representative from Ministry of Livestock Development and Mr. Shashidhar Sharma, representative from SWC visited various field sites of CEAPRED-SAMARTH-Pig Sector Project sites in connection with monitoring and evaluating of the project activities. The team observed the project activities carried out in Sunsari, Jhapa, Kaski, Banke and Bardiya districts from 16th Dec, 2016 to 23rd Dec, 2016. Interaction meetings were held with various partners and district officials of the visited districts and enquired about the project and its activities, coordination, technical assistance and impacts created by the program in the districts.  
The team member also participated in the two day experience sharing workshop on Market system development in pig sub-sector organized on 26th-27th December at Hotel Himalaya. The team members also had discussion with the CEAPRED management on 28th December, 2016. The overall impression of the team was that the project has contributed effectively for the development of market system for the pig sector and had linked the small producers with the market through effective market players and developed a system for improving production, productivity of the pigs and for the production of hygienic pork through the introduction of proper slaughter houses and through facilitation of the linkage between slaughter house operators and meat processors and consumers. The overall impression of the team was that the project was successful in delivering its intended outputs effectively and its contribution has been well recognized at the national as well as at the local level.