1. Adapting the Agriculture Development Strategy to the Federal System in Nepal: ADS Orientation and Planning Workshop
  2. Norwegian Minister’s Visit to RMS site at Chaurangefedi, Kavre
  3. Training on Gender Integrated Planning
  4. Nepal Coffee Enterprise Promotion Summit 2019
  5. PGS certified “SINDHUKA” Trademark Launched
  6. Five days residential training conducted on PGS and Organic Agriculture Dhulikhel, Kavre
  7. 29th Annual General Meeting held
  8. साधारण सभाको वैठक । (General Assembly Meeting)
  9. Interaction Workshop and Technical Training of Agro-vets/Agri-cooperatives and Local Technical Assistants (LTAs) organized at CEAPRED Head office
  10. CEAPRED turns 28!
  11. International Course Program on Mitigation of Abiotic Factors in Arid and Semi-Arid Environments- 2017
  12. GIS application uploaded in CEAPRED’s server
  13. Second batch of Extension Service Providers (ESPs) trained on Coffee Orchard Management
  14. Training on Coffee Orchard Management to Extension Service Provider
  15. 28th Annual General Meeting of CEAPRED held
  16. KISAN II Project Launched
  17. Practical Lessons: From ADC scholar to a lifetime of service to Nepal
  18. CEAPRED greets Governors from the Kingdom of Bhutan and faculty members of Rural Development Training Centre
  19. German Minister visits CEAPRED’s project site in Kavre
  20. Experience Sharing workshop on Nepal Market Development Program-Pig Sub Sector
  21. First Advisory Committee Meeting under HICAP/CSV and HIMALICA held
  22. Social Welfare Council (SWC) monitored the CEAPRED-SAMARTH-Pig Sector Project Activities
  23. 27th Annual General Meeting of CEAPRED held
  24. Rural Farmers Becoming Smart
  25. CEAPRED awarded for Climate Resilient Mountain Village Initiatives
  26. Program Sharing Meeting Held
  27. NPC Vice Chairperson visited Climate Smart Village in Kavre
  28. Pakistan's minister of state visits Climate Smart Village in Kavre (CSV)
  29. US Ambassador's Field Visit at KISAN Surkhet
  30. HIMALICA District Coordination Committee meeting held
  31. CEAPRED's Participation at the 9th National Organic Agriculture Fair, 2016
  32. Closing Workshop of UNNATI held
  33. UNNATI Project Staff Felicitated
  34. Interaction workshop on Using ICTs to enhance adoption of Agricultural Technologies and Innovations
  35. Agreement Signed with University of Sydney
  36. 26th Annual General Meeting of CEAPRED held
  37. CEAPRED Participated in the Regional Meeting on Conservation, Use and Exchange of Crop Genetic Resources: Promoting Regional Cooperation for Food-Secure, Climate Resilient South Asia
  38. CEAPRED Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NARC
  39. HIMALICA Project Launched
  40. Emergency Response to the Nepal Earthquake 2015 in the poorest wards of Baluwa VDC, Kavre
  41. Fresh Semen Collection for AI Initiated
  42. CEAPRED's support to earthquake victims
  43. Exposure Visit of Government Partners to Climate Smart Villages in India
  44. CEAPRED presented a theme paper in an International Conference in Pakistan
  45. CEAPRED participated in the SATNET Network Meeting and Policy Dialogue
  46. Exposure visit to India for CSV farmers
  47. Agri-information to farmers through SMS
  48. Closing Workshop of VSP-III held
  49. The Second Meeting of Central Level Program Advisory Committee of UNNATI Project Held
  50. National Stakeholder Workshop on Seed Vision Implementation, Challenges and Solution held
  51. Joint field visit of government officials and VSP technical sub-committee members organized
  52. Horticulture Innovation Lab Project