26th Annual General Meeting of CEAPRED held

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26th Annual General Meeting of CEAPRED held


Newly Elected Executive Board Members Of CEAPRED

26th Annual General Meeting of CEAPRED was held on 24th Ashwin 2072 (11 October 2015) at CEAPRED seminar hall. Total 24 members were present in the meeting. The meeting started with introduction of eight new members who recently received membership of CEAPRED namely Dr. Nanda Prasad Shrestha, Mr. Jeevan P. Rai, Mr. Sulav Poudel, Mr. Keshab Dutta Joshi, Dr. Ram Chandra Bhusal, Mr. Pradip Pokharel, Ms. Sushma Rajkarnikar and Ms. Subhechchha Shrestha.

CEAPRED’s Vice Chairperson, Mr. Shambhu Saran Kayastha welcomed all the members and said that he is proud to be associated with CEAPRED which is considered as one of the prestigious organization in Nepal. The program proceeded further with the presentation by Mr. Bharat Pd. Upadhyay, Executive Director/CEAPRED on CEAPRED’s progress in FY 2071/72. Mr. Upadhyay also shared the status of resource mobilization, institutional development, challenges and opportunities during the FY 2071/72. A new initiative of publishing e-newsletter was launched in the meeting. The newsletter is planned to be published two times a year and will be posted in CEAPRED’s website. Mr. Ishwer Raj Onta, Treasurer/CEAPRED presented the audit report of FY 2071/72, after which Dr. Hari Krishna Upadhyaya, Chairperson/CEAPRED delivered his closing remarks. Dr. Upadhyaya shared that CEAPRED has been able to build positive image in Nepal but its documentation is yet to be done. Therefore, he focused on importance of conducting an organizational review.

The election of Executive Board members was held on the same day after the meeting. The members elected Dr. Hari Krishna Upadhyaya, Mr. Shabhu Saran Kayastha and Mr. Ishwer Raj Onta as Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Treasurer respectively, while, Ms. Sarala Poudel, Dr. Munni Sharma, Dr. Pius Raj Mishra and Dr. Ram Chandra Lamichhane were elected as executive board members of the organization.