28th Annual General Meeting of CEAPRED held

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28th Annual General Meeting of CEAPRED held


The 28th Annual General Meeting of CEAPRED was held on 27th Ashwin 2074 (13 October 2017) at CEAPRED seminar hall. A total of 28 members were present in the meeting. The AGM was presided by Chairperson of the Center, Mr. Hari K. Upadhyaya, PhD. Mr. Shambhu Sharan Prasad Kayastha, Vice Chairperson of CEAPRED welcomed all participants and appreciated the contribution of CEAPRED’s staffs to bring in social changes and economic prosperity in rural and deprived communities.

The program proceeded further with the presentation of Mr. Jaya Mukunda Khanal, Executive Director of CEAPRED on CEAPRED’s progress in Fiscal Year (FY) 2073/74. Mr. Khanal shared the status on resource mobilization, institutional development, challenges and opportunities during the FY 2073/74. Dr. Pius Raj Mishra, Treasurer/CEAPRED presented the audit report of FY 2073/74. The forum was then opened for the queries. The queries from the members were addressed by Executive Director. The meeting with its 2/3 majority has also endorsed the proposal made to amend the Statue of the Centre. This fourth amendment proposal to the Statue of the Centre will be presented to the District Administration Office, Lalitpur for final approval.

Dr. Hari Krishna Upadhyaya PhD, Chairperson/CEAPRED expressed his gratitude to all members and staffs who had contributed their time and expertise to bring CEAPRED in the present satisfactory stage. He also explained that CEAPRED has come up with this satisfactory status facing many challenges and requested everyone to be prepared to face the challenges in coming days too. He delivered his closing remarks and thanked all the supporters including dedicated members, staffs, farmers, donors and well wishers who have continuously supported for building positive image of the organization in Nepal.