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Experience Sharing workshop on Nepal Market Development Program-Pig Sub Sector


The Experience Sharing Workshop of CEAPRED-SAMARTH Nepal Market Development Project (NMDP) on pig sub sector funded by DFID/ASI and implemented by CEAPRED was held at Hotel Himalaya on 26th-27th December, 2016. The workshop was aimed to share the project’s learning, challenges and to identify the future strategy. The event was participated by high level officials from the government ministry and departments, non-government organizations, market players and the project staff. The Chief Guest of the event was Dr. Annapurna Nand Das, Secretary, Ministry of Livestock Development (MoLD). The opening session of the event was chaired by Dr. Y. R. Pandey, Executive Director of NARC. 


Ms. Srijana Rana from SAMARTH welcomed the participants and highlighted the contribution of the Pig Sub-Sector in Samarth-NMDP. Mr. Shyam Paudel, Joint Secretary in MoLD, highlighted the progress achieved during the first year of MoLD. Mr. Keshab Prasad Premi, Joint Secretary, MoLD shared the future possibilities in Pig sector. Dr. Bimal Kumar Nirmal, Director General, Department of Livestock Services  highlighted the need and the constraints for operation of slaughterhouses designed by CEAPRED-SAMARTH/NMDP and showed his commitment to make them operational within the next two to three months. Keshab Acchami shared the future plan in pig sector development especially the operation of pig parks in the proposed two districts. Dr. Nanda Prasad Shrestha presented the project achievements made by the project during the period and highlighted the key challenges and recommendations for the future. Mr. Dan B. Singh highlighted the achievement in frozen to fresh semen AI in pigs carried out by the project and Dr. Bhoj Raj Joshi showed the importance of disease management and bio-security in the pig farms and the process adopted for PRRS testing. Using this platform, Mr. Madan Tamang shared his experiences on small scale slaughter house operation and its impact in the pork market of Dharan and issues faced for quality certification. Mr. Pravin Man Shakya also reflected on the design and operationalization of small pig slaughterhouse in Nepal. Mr. Kumar Chalise and Mr. Sandeep Shrestha delivered the information on pork recipe for various food items. 

The second day of the workshop was mostly focused on presentation of consultancy/technical reports carried out through the project, which included code of practice for slaughterhouse operation and pig and pork transportation, design and operation of small pig slaughterhouses, pig and pork marketing and processing of pork and pork recipe. These presentations were followed by group discussions on three issues: policy issues, processing and marketing and production and productivity improvement. The group leaders presented the outcome of discussions and the synopsis was presented in the closing session.