First Advisory Committee Meeting under HICAP/CSV and HIMALICA held

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First Advisory Committee Meeting under HICAP/CSV and HIMALICA held


On 22nd August, 2016, CEAPRED organized the first Advisory Committee meeting of HICAP/CSV and HIMALICA projects funded by EU and implemented by CEAPRED and ICIMOD. The event was organized to provide feedback and share the mutual learning from participating members. CEAPRED staffs, representatives from ICIMOD and concerned Government officials participated in the program.

The event was chaired by Dr. Yubak Dhoj GC, Director General of the Department of Agriculture (DoA). Mr. Keshab D. Joshi, Program Director of CEAPRED and also the member secretary of committee welcomed all the participants with brief background of the projects and the objectives of the event. Dr. Surendra Joshi, Program Specialist for HIMALICA/ICIMOD and Mr. Nanda K. Agrawal, Pragram Coordinator for HICAP/ICIMOD provided short background and the conceptual framework of the respective projects. The respective coordinators (CEAPRED) of the projects shared the projects updates, impacts, learning, and the best practices experienced during project implementation. 

Dr. Gobinda Pd Sharma, Director of Vegetable Development Directorate (VDD), appreciated the impacts of projects and suggested to emphasize on extension and coordination. Dr. Bindeswar Prasad Sah, Director of NARI, NARC suggested for comparative economic analysis on the crop yields between bio-control and non control situations. Similarly Mrs. Bhagawati Sangraula, Deputy Director of Social Welfare Council suggested for documenting the lesson learnt, constraints and suggestions provided from different stakeholder meetings for better implementation of projects.  Mr. Ganesh K. Shrestha, Director General, Department of Environment made his remarks with thankful notes to projects implementing organization and with keen interest to work together for wider adaptation of simple, adaptive and sustainable agricultural technologies in coming days. Executive Director of CEAPRED, Mr. Jaya M. Khanal thanked all the participants for their participation and for their constructive and valuable remarks. He also underlined the need of scientific validation of Jholmal by active initiative from concerned authorities.

Dr. Yubak Dhoj GC, the Chair of the committee, in his closing remarks highly appreciated the outcome of both projects and advised to hold such sharing meeting on quarterly basis.