Message From Executive Chairperson

chairmanMany things have changed since CEAPRED’s establishment nearly two and half decades ago. The social and political environments, which govern institutions and influence the overall development in Nepal, have changed. A large number of new social and political institutions have evolved and this has given rise to new expectations and new perspectives. And this has changed the broader context for development.But there are at least two things that have not changed. First, the immediate and most pressing needs of the poor, deprived and disadvantaged people, which shape the specific development context at the local level, have not changed. Social and economic empowerment was, and still is, the foremost need of these people to earn a dignified living in their respective communities. Second, the core institutional values and mission of CEAPRED have not changed. Service to the people – especially the poor, deprived and disadvantaged – to help them strengthen their voice in the society and widen their livelihood options was, and still is , the broader mandate and mission of CEAPRED.

In the past 27 years, CEAPRED has worked with more than 395 thousand families (about 2.0 million people), mostly poor, to help them fight poverty and hunger in a collective way. In most cases, CEAPRED’s work has generated encouraging outcomes, some of which have been widely recognized. As an organization, we are happy about the positive results; but we are not complacent. We could do more – reach more people, provide wider range of services and generate larger and more sustainable impacts on their lives. The desire to do more and better is deep within our institutional mission and we will strive hard to fulfill this desire by changing the scale and scope of our work in the future. But we can succeed only as far as we continue receiving support from our development partners, donors and well wishers, without whom we would not have achieved the current scale of operation.

I take this opportunity to express out sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who have supported us in our mission in the past and look forward to their continued support in the future.