CEAPRED wrapped up its Special General Assembly (SGA)

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CEAPRED wrapped up its Special General Assembly (SGA)


 Newly elected Executive Board Members

On April 5, 2024, the Center for Environmental and Agricultural Policy Research, Extension and Development (CEAPRED) celebrated a significant milestone as it concluded its Special General Assembly (SGA). The event, which marked a pivotal moment in the organization's history commenced with anticipation and enthusiasm.

Within an atmosphere of trust, collaboration and engagement, the General members of CEAPRED successfully elected its ninth Executive Board to spearhead its initiatives for the next four years. With a total of 38 participants, the SGA showcased the democratic process at its best, highlighting the commitment of CEAPRED's members to drive positive change towards its mission and vision. This time the Election was held in accordance with the newly approved CEAPRED Election Directives, 2079 BS which has come into force since 2080/4/1 BS.

The highlight of the SGA was the election for the executive board, resulting Dr. Hari Krishna Upadhyaya elected as the Chairperson. This signifies a continuation of CEAPRED's dedication to excellence and leadership to drive the organization towards its goal.

His wealth of experience and profound understanding of the sector positioned him as a strong advocate for the organization's mission. Accompanying Dr. Upadhyaya in key leadership roles are Dr. Munni Sharma elected as Vice Chairperson and Mr. Bharat Prasad Upadhyay who will serve as the Treasurer for the ninth Executive Committee. Their collective expertise and commitment promise to bolster CEAPRED's efforts in addressing critical challenges and fostering sustainable development.

Furthermore, the SGA witnessed the election of esteemed individuals to serve as members of the CEAPRED’s executive board, Mr. Indra Raj Pandey; Mr. Bed Prasad Bhattarai; Ms. Sarala Poudyal and Dr. Ram Chandra Lamichhane, have all been entrusted with guiding CEAPRED's strategic direction and initiatives.

After his election, Dr. Hari Krishna Upadhyaya articulated his vision for CEAPRED's future, emphasizing collaboration, innovation and inclusivity. Further, he outlined the determined goals aimed at advancing environmental sustainability, agricultural development and enhancing the livelihood of the poor sections of the country. His passionate speech really connected with everyone there, indicating promising prospects under his leadership.

As the event comes to end, CEAPRED embarks on a new chapter with renewed energy and determination. With Dr. Upadhyaya, leading the charge and a strong executive team supporting him, CEAPRED management is poised to make significant strides in shaping policies and practices that will safeguard the environment and promote agricultural prosperity for both present and future generations of the country.