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CEAPRED's support to earthquake victims


The April 2015 Nepal earthquake and the aftershocks that hit Nepal have killed and injured thousands of people in 24 of the 75 districts of Nepal. Hundreds of thousands of people have gone homeless. Many UNESCO World Heritage sites located in the Kathmandu Valley have been destroyed. The first tremor of 25 April measured magnitude 7.6 followed by continued aftershocks, the biggest one of 12 May measuring magnitude 6.8, have inflicted catastrophic damages to the people and economy of Nepal. 



  To support the earthquake victims in some of the most affected areas of Kavre and Nuwakot, CEAPRED with own resources as well as  in partnership with ICIMOD and Dabur Nepal distributed shelter materials (tents -394, blankets-750) and food items (rice -4,650 kg, Dal- 250 kg, oil - 160 Lit, salt – 150 kg, noodles- 30 boxes) and provided medical services including medicines in 4 VDCs (Patlekhet, Mahadevsthan, Deopur Nayagau and Kharelthok) of Kavre district and  one VDC (Dansing) and Municipilaty (Bidur-5) of Nuwakot districts.

CEAPRED also donated one million  rupees  as part of its contribution to Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund and three lakh rupees to Nobel Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Sinamangal to buy  medicines  for the earthquake victims.